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Safety note - Flyvning i Dolomitterne

We keep having serious problems in the Dolomites (expecially in Canazei – Col Rodella – Pordoi – Marmolada).
The Dolomites area is again at risk of being closed to free flight.

I ask you to please help us in informing european pilots and scools by publishing on your websites and magazines the following information (please also send me links to your websites once you published the news so that we can show to the authorities our cooperation in keeping these area safe).

The search & rescue helicopter service in the Dolomites area (Canazei, Col Rodella, Pordoi, Marmolada) is still struggling when hundreds of pilots, from all over Europe, keep flying during rescue operations not allowing the helicopter to properly operate to help fellow free flight pilots that need assistance.

The situation is so bad that the authorities will close the area if we can't manage to solve this problem.

In order to keep everybody safe and in order to keep open to free flight one of the most beautiful flight areas in the world, all pilots flying in the Dolomites area are requested to:

1) Take note: the official phone number in Italy for the rescue service is 118.

2) Starting from this year, we start experimenting with a radio channel reserved to flight safety.
Keep a radio always listening on the safety radio channel that we call "8-16" which is PMR channel 8 with CTSS subtone 16.
For the most technical pilots the frequency is 446,09375 MHz + subtone 114,8 Hz
This radio channel will be used to provide instructions during rescue operations and for any other safety-related communication.
Keep the channel free, don't use it for non-safety communications.
PMR radios are cheap and light. Getting a second radio just for this safety channel is a good choice: it will be your cheapest piece of safety equipment.
Communication during emergencies is very important.

3) When you see the helicopter (red or yellow) fly at least 2Km away from the rescue area.

4) Tell also to your friends, on your usual radio channel, to move 2Km away from the rescue area.

5) If there is no other way to communicate with them, use the "ears" with the paraglider as a way to communicate that they also have to leave the area.

6) Don't stay in front of the helicopter whent it's hovering. Even when you think that the helicopter has reached it's operation place and that it's safe to keep flying, the helicopter is probably waiting for free flight pilots (including yourself) to move away in order to proceed to the rescue area.

7) Every pilot flying in the Dolomites area must have a red and a green smoke bomb. They can be found at the Col Rodella cablecar. If you have an accidend and need medical help use the red smoke bomb. If you have an accident and don't need medical assistance use the green smoke bomb and fold the wing.


Safety note - Swing Mistral 6


SWING MISTRAL 6: Flere tilfælde af LÅST SPIRALDYK med fatal udgang. 
Fra den fælleseuropæiske hændelses- og ulykkesdatabase har vi modtaget følgende:
New incident with stable spiral on Swing Mistral 6. After 800-900 m rapid descent with > 25 m/s, the pilot threw his reserve. Please note, that there were 3 fatalities in the past (2011-2012) with this glider due to the same reason (stable spiral). Report is DEU-2014-1204
There is a warning published on our website from 2012:


SWING har efterfølgende testet MISTRAL 6, og du finder producentens anbefalinger her (på tysk):



Safety note - Woody Valley buckles


Safety Note – Woody Valley buckles

Some of the light automatic buckles located on the main chest adjustment of some Woody Valley harnesses have experienced an unwanted opening due to the failure of one of the two block/unblock side buttons.

Skærmbillede 2014-08-04 kl. 12.57.25


If the buckles shown here above are on your harness, please make sure they aren’t faulty simply performing the following procedure:

  1. Lock the system by inserting the male buckle into the female buckle and make

    sure both block/unblock side buttons go back to their original position

  2. Unlock the system by pressing both side buttons applying pressure evenly and

    make sure both block/unblock side buttons go back to their original position

  3. Repeat this procedure several times for a definite result.

Skærmbillede 2014-08-04 kl. 12.57.34

Should you notice one of the two block/unblock side buttons does not go back to its original position, please contact your dealer or the manufacturer to have your buckle/s replaced. Woody Valley will take care of the repair costs. 


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